Client Reviews:

  • Thanks for the clear and timely communication via mail and phone. I had a great massage with Barca. As said on your website, she is an angel with a very deep soul! As someone who has been meditating since I was a child, it was easy to see the golden soul of hers through her smile, when she opened the door for me. What I experienced in the sessions with her is difficult to put in words. The connection between the body and the soul with the mind dropping out of the picture leading to timelessness and bliss - that is what I felt. I must say that the effect has not worn off even after 2 weeks! I still smile when I think about her. I will come not know how or when! Love Ravi
    Great massage with Barca
  • I miss the visits at Harmony :) You can tell the girls I will like to come back as soon as I can :) All good wishes Jan
    I miss Harmony Spa
  • Barinder and I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience on Friday evening. You made both of us so comfortable and Barinder experienced something that she has never felt before. She really responded to your reassuring words at the beginning, and then your touch and feel. Her orgasms were the most intense that she has ever had and we cannot wait to come back in the summer for another session. Once again, many thanks for making this very special for both of us. By the way, my prostrate massage was amazing! Jeremy
    Tantra Massage in Harmony Spa