Tantra as a ritual of worshiping, termination and healing.

Each experience of tantric massage can be completely different. It is  about our mind set, openness and sincerity to ourselves. Our intention and courage to allow ourselves to go deep into experience is as significant as above mentioned.

The depth is the most valuable factor and magic of tantra.

Tantric massages are not only about the touch of the body, but also of the soul. They can help us look beyond the issues we suppress in our daily life operation. They give us the strength and creative energy to deal with any discrepancies or traumas. It doesn't matter if it's a chronic health problem, job dissatisfaction, or dysfunctional relationships. That is why it’s important to set a clear intention before the massage.

Did you know that the form of the ritual can fundamentally support the power and fulfillment of the intention?

Transition rituals are an ancient technique that modern man lacks. We are disconnected, unconscious, and often live in the belief that we are bewildered by circumstances beyond our control. Rituals help us to get connected back to ourselves, to be able to look back and to make free decisions. They are an integral part of building a healthy and confident being, abundance and contentment.

There are many rituals. From everyday moments of gratitude and welcoming a new day, through initiation rituals (entry into adulthood, menarche, pre-wedding, wedding or antenatal ritual…) to closing ceremonies. To the latter, it is necessary to mention that this is a healing at the energy level. Very often people think that, for example, concluding a relationship means simply not meeting the person again. But this surface solution is often far from the truth. Why?

Because a relationship doesn't just mean an external encounter. It is mainly about our inner feelings and setting. It has all to do with mirroring ourselves. Frequent scenarios after such superficially terminated relationships are that we meet a new person, very similar to the previous one only in the different colour variant. After the pink glasses fade, we begin to notice that a certain pattern of partner communication is repeating itself, and that the dissatisfaction we so reluctantly wanted to run away from is back on the agenda.

How to close a topic that no longer serves me and thus strengthen my self-confidence?

One of the most effective and highly transformative ways can be the tantric ritual of rebozo, or bone closure. 

This ritual comes from South America and its original function is to heal the body and energy pathways after childbirth. It is a very powerful ceremony consisting of several parts - setting the intention, sharing a personal story, drinking ritual cocoa, massage, bathing and closing the seven energy locks with linen cloths.

In the Harmony spa studio, we have created a unique combination of this ritual and tantric massage for you. In this form, we go to even greater depths and use sexual energy for strong block cleansing and relaxation.

Whom is the tantric ritual Rebozo suitable for?

Experiencing such a powerful transition ritual is certainly not something one should repeat every month. This is something extraordinary that can move us a step further on the transformation path. Thanks to the ritual, we will free ourselves from structures that no longer serve us, step into our own strength and become fully confident.

Tantric rebozo can help you

  • disconnection from a complicated relationship
  • clean up repeating patterns
  • gain the confidence to quit a job that doesn't fulfill  you
  • close a strong topic or personal issue (childhood, childbirth, motherhood, abuse, rape)

The length of the ritual is 5-6 hours.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio.

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