Every massage from Kamali is amazing, exciting and deep journey to my inner world full of joy, loving touch, understanding and satisfaction. Everytime when she connects to me through her heart I feel with relief that there is nothing to say or add. All is happening and fulfilling in the way I need meeting my deepest needs, Kamali is sensitive, full of understanding, passionate, charming and mysterious. For sure I will come back and let her to give me what is not ussual to get from a massage therapist. Part of my heart will stay with her forever.
It was unbelievable, beautiful. So much care, joy. Just consciouss touches. I just floated in present moment, enjoing safety, sensuality and tenderness. I already experienced a lot of massages of this type, for the first time four-handed. Higher level. You are an amazing pair, beautifully you complete each other. The experience which I cannot describe in words, you have to experience. It will resonate in me for a long time. I recommend it to everyone.
Massage or I would call it better therapy from Kamali, was a incredible experience. Kamali is kind and unaffected and immediatelly I felt comfortable in her company. During the whole massage she was used soft touches and also pushing a bit harder - all with intuition and big respect to my body and breath. I felt so much energy I almost could grab it. The only bad part was that it lasted just two and half hours. I thought I will just try it once and I will never come back again, but I want to give this to myself again and again and again.
If you want to know how it is when a Goddess touches you, then try a massage with Kamali. Her touch gives to your body in each moment that which you really need and it will bring you to a deep feeling of fulfillment. She is a skillful therapist, who can share her depth, open communication, crativity and playfullness with you. She touches you in a way your body needs the most and you will be asking yourself - how this is even possible.

I see tantra as my own journey of pesonal development. Spiritual way in which the soul, mind and body can connect. Tantra is a way for me how to come to our nature and to remind the simplicity and nature of present moment - here and now. Tantra takes you back to the centre - to the heart. It can ignite again your will to experience - to live.

Meeting with me are inspired by my passion for dance and shamanism and element of Mother Earth. Every human being is unique and unique touch. My massages are intuitive and everytime different. My touch is full of empathy and also firm and confident. I like to explore the energetic levels and consciously move the physical body and other bodies. I can offer classic tantra ritual, intimate dearmouring, body dearmouring, consciouss BDSM with shibari elements, shamanic hawaian bodywork, indian head massage, reiki, prana healing, meditation massage or regeneration massage using lava stones. I can offer also shamanic rituals, guided meditation, guided, spontaneous or transe dance, consultation or massage lecture for men and women.


  • Betty Martin - course Circle of agreement
  • John Hawken -  course Dark eros
  • Guy Barrington - Dancing heart path (2 years of self development training)
  • Vojtěch Chládek - Tantra massage, Body dearmouring
  • Eduspa - requalification massage course
  • Alfa level massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Lava stone massage
  • Honey detoxication massage
  • Reiki course - 2nd level, Traditional Usui system (Petr Chemlík)
  • Prana healing - 1st degree (I. Dortová)
  • Biodynamic massage in psychotherapy course - Prague College of Psychosocial Studies (J. Špicnerová, M. Ambrožová)
  • Kahuna navigator - hawaian shamanic bodywork - Hawaii (Wayne Kealohi Powell)

About me

Tanta massages I do since 2015. My big life passion is dance and active meditation. Through body I discover myself and get to deep states of selfknowing and connection with self. In 2017 I made my fist quest to South America, where I got to deep understandings through amazon medicines. I am interested in alternative ways of healing a natural path through life. I like to travel and experience how other people live. I love everything living and because I feel the life force in all, I am all the time in love. I am interested in tribal rituals and in my soul I am a witch, I like card interpretation, astrology and human soul analysis.

Offered services

  • Tantra massage for men
  • BDSM tantra for men
  • Tantra massage experience for your partner
  • BDSM tantra massage experience for your partner

Avaliability:  calendar


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