You are special!
Smile, when I saw her smile it was like we know each other for ages. It was so sweet and cosy to feel and be myself with Moniq. The touch is magic.
I completely fell into another dimension.
For a while, I didn't know what was happening to me, a lot of things were going through my head until the deep past, and then I had a strong feeling that I had to clean everything that was old and dysfunctional. It was like a volcano erupting and all the dust, stench and heat flew away, before I could say ash. And then there was relief and a wonderful feeling of relaxation and I was just fine. Moniq's shamanic massage really helped me. Thank you.

Tantra is a life philosophy of acceptance for me. Accept, observe and share.

Well-being is a lifestyle and body work is absolutely essential. Our body is of genius. Touch and conscious sensuality is a wonderful nourishment for  the body and soul. My massage is divine.

In addition to tantric sessions, you can make an appointment with me for a Shamanic massage.

About me

I am a Beauty wellness teacher, traveler and make healing Flower essences.

I have been practicing massages since 1995.


  • Sports and relaxation massage

  • Shiatsu massage

  • Tantric massages 

  • Lomi-lomi deep tissue massage 

  • Conscious sensuality

  • Theta Healing

  • Shamanic massage

  • Course of Tantra Massage for Women - Katerina Svanderlikova

I offer these services

  • Tantra massage for men and women
  • Tantra massage for couples
  • Transformation work for men and women
  • Individual lessons

Avaliability: calendar


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