What is coaching and how does it differ from traditional psychotherapy?

Coaching is properly chosen questions from a coach that you answer yourself and find the answers to. These answers have even more power and effectiveness if you say them out loud. This leads to awareness that helps you find solutions and direction.

Sex coaching is a holistic form of coaching that focuses primarily on development in the area of one's own sexuality and intimacy, which opens the way to quality experiences in partner life and to deepening conscious perception in the realm of eroticism.

How does the coaching work?

Always according to the individual needs of the client. Coaching can be complemented by psychotherapy and bodywork, during which you and the coach process various sexual traumas, dogmas, experienced attitudes and patterns. These are primarily picked up in childhood and then built upon in our own experiences as adults.

Can you remember what you used to hear about sex as a child?

What was your first sexual experience? How did women/men treat you?

Such and similar experiences lead us to build personal opinions and attitudes that can sometimes become dogmatic.

In this session you will look at these questions from a different perspective and, with the guidance of a coach, unravel their meaning and cause. This unraveling then leads to a tremendous inner freedom from which you are just setting within yourself what you like and what you enjoy.
You also learn to communicate openly about your needs and desires, which brings even greater freedom in expression and personal experience.

Sexuality and fear

Different types of fears are also very common in the area of sex. It can be the fear of losing control (not being able to relax and indulge). Fear of failure (its main product is a focus on performance and exaggerated demands on oneself and those around). And the fear of being unloved (one of the most basic fears that makes us "have to earn love" and thus often go against ourselves).

These themes tend to be hidden in deep layers of our personality, but that doesn't mean they can't be worked with. On the contrary. It's actually very meaningful work that can help you heal back old hurts and start creating the future you desire.

Sex coaching is offered by our masseuse Živa.

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