For me, Tantra is the most effective medicine that can enhance both physical and mental condition. Thanks to it, our life energy can be stirred up again. Tantra teaches us to relax from the cycle of our everyday thoughts and to perceive our body. It develops our best qualities - it teaches us to accept and love ourselves, heals shame and the associated limitations of life. It teaches us openness and sensitivity, washes away stress and brings a sense of new strength, optimism and joy. Massage strengthens both physical and mental self-confidence. Know the power of touch and pleasure throughout your body, your conscious body, including your intimate parts. Become an integral, self-conscious and kind person. I like to share these healing elements with you by presence, touch, energy, word and heart. Interest in health, relationships, sexuality and spirituality has been driving me for several years. Sometimes it is necessary to stir up the energy, to warm up, sometimes to cure, to dissolve non-functioning formulas. With my attention and empathic and intuitive perception I will tune to your needs, so this tantric "way" will be valuable, strengthening and relaxing for you!


  • Body Work in Psychotherapy, Dance and Movement Therapy, Roger Psychotherapy (2003/05, Charles University,
  • Retraining course for sports and regeneration massages, Reflexology, Lifting and facial massage, Breuss method, Indian head massage (2007, Dexter Academy,

  • The Art of touch, Tantric Ritual Massage, Joni and Lingam, Breathwork (2007,
  • One month meditation stay at Osho Center in Pune, India; Primal Rebirth Therapy (2008,
  • Elements Academy for Yoga & Ayurveda - Ayurvedic massage retraining course (2008, Pune, India, SHIKHA AYURVEDIC CLINIC)
  • The Shamanic cycle Way to the Wholeness of the Soul (2011,
  • Personal dedication to Reiki I., II. (2011,
  • Ritual of 5 elements (2012,
  • Causal Medicine I., Cranio-Sacral Therapy (2012, Dott. Giovanni Conchin,
  • Biodynamic Massage Course (2016,
  • Pranic Healing (2017,

About me

Interest in health, relationships, sexuality and spirituality has been driving me for several years. I also enjoy dancing, yoga, nature, chocolate, traveling. I look forward to you!

Offered services

  • Tantra massage for men and women
  • Transformation bodywork for men and women
  • Individual lessons

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