Valerie is the best! She combined all possible touches with strength and care, making my muscles to relax and therefore my whole body and mind!

Tantra means to me place for slow down, return back to ourselves, to our inner space, because there are peace and love, there the answers are hidden, which are truly important.

Through touch and feeling we are able to come back to ourselves into present time – here and now. Tantra deepens our conscious sexuality and work with it brings us many significant moments and discoveries and leads us to our source of energy, awakens vitality, cures diseases and improve our health and contentment.

Tantra leads to our nature and teach us to love ourselves as we are.

During the massage I am led by intuition, I like through loving touch experience the emerging energy which is created. I also use healing touch Reiki by my massage. My tantric massage is very gentle, full of different kind of touches. I also have possibilities to looking for myself what I am very greatful for. 

About me 

I am interested in personal development, dance and yoga as I find balance important in life as well. 

Personal development brought peace, understanding and love towards myself into my life. 


  • Course of Tantra massage - Katerina Svanderlikova
  • Reiki course II.level - Akvamarin Ladislava Sofie Kovarikova 2022 
  • Constellation by Akvamarin Ladislava Sofie Kovarikova 2022-2023
  • Mahalo method II. Inner de-armouring training (Vojta Chládek) 2022
  • Mahalo method III. Acceptance of shadows, BDSM techniques (Vojta Chládek) 2022
  • Course of Tantra Massage for Women - Katerina Svanderlikova
  • Kineziologie - ongoing training
  • Mahalo method IV. The Art of Manifestation (Vojtěch Chládek) 2022

I offer these services

  • Tantric massage for men
  • Tantric massage for women
  • Tantric massage for couples
  • Experiential massage for a partner
  • Transformational bodywork for men and women

Avaliability: calendar


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