I just finished a session with Adriana. It was my first time trying Tantra Massage and I did not know what to expect… I am writing to share with you that Adriana was amazing and it was a perfect session! Adriana was very nice and professional. She guided me to a very memorable, unique and pleasure experience! It was a wow experience! If I will come again to Prague, I will definitely do it again and with Adriana if she will be available. Thank you!
Adriana is a spontaneous persona, an artist and an expert all in one. She knows what she is doing and she does it well. She knows what she is doing and she does it well.
(Reviewing the experience for your partner:) We had an amazing experience with our masseuse Adriana. We started with Tantric breathing and light touching together, guided by her, then took turns, first me(F) receiving and him giving, and vice-versa, guided and instructed by the masseuse (who continually participated so we could do multiple movements in parallel), including some extremely wonderful yoni and lingam techniques that we are definitely going to practice at home. At the end, we had a bit of time just of us two. I wished I lived nearby to return more easily.
Adriana is honest and playful. Massages with her are always full of surprises and I look forward to the next session every time. The intensity with which she goes into every touch and the gentleness with which she accepts you unconditionally have given me an experience.... that I cannot describe myself :) Thanks and I am looking forward to the next time..

Tantra for me are moments when I feel acceptance of myself in all my perfect imperfection. Trust, touch, and our presence is a huge gift we can pass on and that's where I come from.
Softness. Peace. Presence.

My intention is just to guide you during the massage to a place of calm and a sense of safety, where you allow yourself to relax and receive nurturing touches, not only on your body but on your soul as well. You can experience feelings of love, joy, vulnerability, all are welcome.
Together we will give attention to every part of your body and soul, and any parts that have felt overlooked will be given space to be seen.

It makes sense to lovingly nurture those untouched bodies of ours, don't you think?


  • The Way of Touch - Petr Malek

  • Certified massage therapist course

  • Trigger points course 

  • Mahalo method - De-armouring

  • Ongoing tantric training - Body, heart, soul - Art of Being

  • Course of Tantra Massage for Women - Katerina Svanderlikova

About me

I find fulfilment in body work physically and mentally. Soul and body touches are an undeniable part of my life.

I offer these services

  • Tantric massage for men and women
  • Tantric massage for couples
  • Transforational bodywork
  • Tantric massage experience for your partner
  • Individual lectures

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ATTENTION: Online bookings are possible at least 12h before the appointment. Bookings with less time in advance, please book directly by phone or email.

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