I received it as a gift. An amazing, relaxing and very intense experience in today's fast-paced and materialistic age. A caress for the soul and the body….beautiful. Many thanks to masseuse Karolína for her care, attitude and humanity 👍👌
Radomil Vecko

For myself, Tantra is spiritual way of freedom without dogma. Awaking the body and emotions, connect conscious with  unconscious or vice versa, and the way to feel.  It is an experience of non duality. 

Our emotions are our personal compass guiding us to who we truly are thought discovering the way of how we feel.  

My intention is to create safe space for the journey into yourself, to discover your inner reality, harmonise polarities, accept your own truth, relax and gain everlasting freedom. 

It is a opportunity to put aside our busy schedules, focus on goals and let the natural being espress in flow and love in fulfilling way for exchange of “bands” such as sex, alcohol and money. 

I invite you to the place of pure being where you meet yourself in the way only you allow.

I connect Tantra, Taoism, Kundalini body work, shamanism, dearmourning and wisdom of Native Americans. 

The way of each and everyone of us is individual as I offer you possibility to deal with traumas or enjoy the moment in each session. 


  • Accepting the shadow, dark Eros, conscious bdsm 
  • Kundalini and dearmouring body work 
  • Tantra course 
  • Homeopathy - ongoing 
  • Dearmouring - ongoing  

I offer these services

  • Tantra massage for men
  • Tantra massage for women

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ATTENTION: Online bookings are possible at least 12h before the appointment. Bookings with less time in advance, please book directly by phone or email.

We offer gift voucher for all our services.

For buying it please contact us on info@harmonyspa.cz, or call to phone number +420 733 311 381.