Tantra is the fire of life! It is the most beautiful way to reach inner fulfilment and awaken inner passion. Only through the tantric experience of sexuality can you discover your own creative power and experience true paradise on earth. It is the most natural and at the same time the most pleasant way to inner harmony.

In today's fast-paced world, people have almost forgotten what it is like to be in the present moment and aware of their bodies. In a tantra massage I will guide you to open up to your feelings again, relax deeply and consciously enjoy how the energy flows throughout your body.

Marie is a gentle and lively masseuse. She can connect to a person deeply and enjoy waves of ecstasy with them. Massage for her is a dance of energies of two polarities and at the same time a powerful magical ceremony, thanks to which one can experience extraordinary moments.


  • Spiritual School of Resonance 

  • Weekly Tantric Training by Mihai and Adina Stoian (Denmark, 2014)

  • Yoni Healing with Ivana Megova (2015)

  • Sports Reconditioning Massage (2020)

  • De-armouring (Vojtech Chladek, ongoing)

I offer these services

  • Tantric massage for men and women
  • Tantric massage for couples
  • Experiential massage for partner
  • Individual tuition

I am avaliable just on reservation.


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