Zuzana, I must confess that I did not expect something so intense – I expected relaxation rather than experience I never had in my life. I forgot about everyday problems, I got in different world during the massage. Massage was significant for physical relaxation and mental hygiene. Thanks to your guidance, I was able to enjoy the massage from the beginning to the end. I wondered if I would feel shy, but your approach was natural and professional so I felt very comfortable. I was carried away and my mind was elsewhere so after the massage I could not put together a single sentence. I still feel the intensity of the massage when I remember it, and I still have only pleasant and very lively feelings about it. It was a huge and enjoyable experience and I look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future. Thank you very much.
Zuzka, I would like to thank you once again for a great massage, it was one of my most beautiful experiences in a long time. I experienced complete relaxation through your soothing touches and it transfered me to the different world of more subtle energies. I had a wonderful feeling that I was covered in love. I will be happy to return to your massages as I wish to experience it again.
My life has changed fundamentally… a new boyfriend, new sexual experiences and an orgasm! Yes, I've finally experienced it! Awesome! If I knew that a session with you would change my life from the ground up, I would have come earlier. Thank you so much once again!

Tantra is a unity of body and soul, a celebration of life and a free experiencing of sexuality. Tantra is also a healing path of transformation that opens your heart, awakens your senses and connects yourself with the source of your life energy.

I perceive each person as a unique being. During the massage, I create a safe space where you can be yourself, surrender to your experience in the present moment, and open to whatever is to come. Massage is an energy dance, meditation, flowing, being out of time and space.

I have been practicing massages and conscious bodywork since 2012.

About me

I love my life and I love savoring every moment. I enjoy observing the world through the eyes of a child, discovering and learning new things in everyday life. I create, therefore I am. I love dancing, food, plants, water, air, fragrances…


  • Sexological Bodywork Training – www.sexologicalbodywork.com – EASE, Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. 
  • Professional training in holistic sensual massages, work with energy and intention, vaginal mapping, treatment of scars, pelvic floor acupressure – EASE, Mgr. Denisa Palečková, CSB, Ing. Richard Vojík, CSB 
  • Training in Somatic Coaching®
  • Quodoushka 1 – The Path of Sacred Sexuality – Amara Charles (USA), Åsa Kullberg (Sweden)
  • Acoustic Body® Retreat – Catarina Brazão, Markus Pesonen 
  • Masseur for Sports and Rehabilitation Massages – REFIT 
  • Introduction to psychotherapy focused on the body – MUDr. Tomáš Morcinek 
  • Body, Heart, Soul I. – Alan Lowen 
  • Pelvic Floor School I. – Renata Sahani Skálová 
  • Mohenjodaro – School of Art of Tantra Yoga for Women I. – Iveta Kučerová 
  • Courses The Power of a Woman, The Orgasmic Woman, The Art of Pleasing a Man – Mgr. Julie „Gaia“ Poupětová, ASC, CSB

I offer these services

  • Tantric massage for men and women

  • Transformation work for men and women

  • Tantric massage for couples

  • Experiential massage for a partner

  • Individual lessons

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