The massage I received from Ammy was a combination of relaxation and sensuality. I didn't have any specific expectations, I let myself be carried away by the whole magical process and thus... it was beautiful. The atmosphere Ammy created was relaxed and comfortable...the touches graceful, gentle, yet firm and sensual. It was as if she could feel when to soften, when to firm...when to loosen, when to squeeze. From the beginning, I felt a sense of acceptance and of being who I wanted and needed to be right there in that moment....with someone who was welcoming and open-hearted. She sensed me and was there for me. Throughout the massage, I had all kinds of feelings alternating within me depending on the body part that was being attended to. From complete calmness, joy, emotion, to strength, pleasant tension, to trembling and excitement. Some time has passed since the massage, so I can better feel and reflect on how after the massage my feeling of gratitude towards myself as a woman, my body that deserves all the love and attention, Ammy who gave me her time and put a part of herself into it and a life that I can continue to enjoy sensually, has deepened. Thank you for allowing me to experience this.

Tantra for me means conscious attention in the present moment, creating life in its fullness, joy, pleasure, love, abundance and ease. Tantra is a conscious approach to life itself, which I have come to love.

During the massage I let my intuition guide me. Combined with conscious attention and a kind touch, I create a safe space in which I acccepting you and invite you to connect with your own body, to slow down and become present. It is a pleasure to be a part of your experience. My touch brings love, gentleness but also sensuality and playfulness. Allowing yourself to feel the connection with your body is liberating.


  • Training of tantra massage for professionals, 2023, Mgr. Stella Krenčejová

About me

I love the variety of life, I love its pleasures, joys and trials. To live is a gift,to feel alive is a conscious choice. I love to explore life's stories and the places of the world. It fulfills me to collect experiences of all kinds, in company and alone.

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  • Tantra massages for men 
  • Tantra massages for women
  • Tantra massage for couples
  • Tantra massage experience for your partner

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