The massage was special for me, I received unexpected care – warmth and comfort through the entire massage I have never experienced before. I also appreciate the gentle touch and precise strokes. I see Bara as a professional who really knows what she is doing. Thank you for this experience, I believe it was not the last.
“As per my experience I can state Bára is a charming young woman with an extraordinary ability to empathize and communicate through the touch. I did not have an experience with Eastern philosophy and I was a little sceptic. After a few massages with Bara, I became a fan. All thanks to you, Bara!
Massage from Bara is like a mini stay in the body and mind spa. Her sensitive touch, supported by many years of experience allows person to relax and get into healing space transcendent thoughts where the body is nourished and regenerated. One happens to be in a completely different setting and wondering why you do not treat yourself often. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be cared for!
Hanka B

I create a space where you can completely relax and immerse in yourself. I guide clients into a state where subconscious mechanisms take a pause and the body and soul can create, heal and recharge unhindered. Our wise bodies, I believe,  know how to heal and be happy if we learn not to resist them.

I like to use  Shibari, or jute rope tying. It's a technique designed for the person who is attracted to the feeling of surrender
and a firm loving grip. Close physical contact and touch is part of this session. The effect of Shibari is undoubtedly one of great inner calming, settling, and a sense of confidence in oneself and the world. I bind entirely clothed.

I also offer the possibility of dominance and submission play.
In this playful space, you can step into any submissive role with ease. It's a great way to bring hidden desires to light and turn them into joyful energy. The culmination of this play can be erotic punishment via scourging, spanking, whipping and the like. The play in my rendition does not include sexual climax in the classic form of orgasm, ejaculation, but aims at opening the gates to a full-body orgasm and enlivening the body.

About me

I envision Tantra as a doorway to understanding the intricate connections of more than just our personal universes. When I opened this imaginary door at the age of twenty-one during my tantric training, it turned out that until then I had been living only "on automatic". Tantra shows us who we really are and what we desire in life. It gives us the opportunity to be closer to ourselves and other people. In my session, you will discover your experiential possibilities and together we can take them further.


  • 2011 Training in Indian and tantric massage - Nataraj Praha  

  • 20012/2013 Art of Being – tantra training with Alan Lowen 

  • 2012  Dark Eros with John Hawken 

  • 2014 Thai massage in Chiang Mai Thailand 

  • 2014 Assisting Alan Lowen at Art of Being  

  • 2015 Instructor of couple acrobatics - Association of Akro Yoga 

  • 2017 Shamanic kraniosacral therapy - Slovaquia 

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