My wife and I first came to Harmony Spa for a couples massage. It was an amazing experience for both of us, I am greatful to Eva. Eva has a great talent for Tantric massage, she is very sensitive and gentle, she can sense the exact needs and can awaken the hidden energy in a person. It is obvious that she enjoys her work and finds it fulfilling. Her massages have changed my perspective on what can be experienced with our bodies. I love coming back to her for a massage and an inspiring conversation. I go for a minimum of two hours, each time it shifts me further and relaxes and harmonizes my whole body. Thank you!
Today I had a massage with Eva and it was amazing, a great praise.
I would like to thank Eva very much for a wonderful experience. I came to her with absolutely no experience not only with tantra massage, but with massages in general. Eva showed me things I thought didn't exist. I spent three hours under her care, and to this day I cannot forget what she kindly gave me. She is simply not only a great masseuse, but also an extremely sensitive soul willing to help and ready to use her intuition to understand others. For a while, I didn't even know what was happening to me, I was just flying in a whirlwind that Eva was able to unleash, but in the end she also gently calmed. INCREDIBLE!! Eva, thank you very much... :-)

Tantra massages mean getting deeper into my consciousness of what I am, what body means to me, it is connected to my emotional inner space. Massages open possibilities to spread into the nowness and relax. It is the tool how to search the core of personality, it is the resource of strength, potential, inspiration, and joy. I like how the massage gets sharpen the sensibility for more intensive enjoyment of the world inside and outside.

My massages stand here for everybody who wants to discover, share and spread the world's wealth, get intensive experience, search for their own resource of strength, enjoy the respect to their own life, and want to relax, cuddle themselves…

I offer these services

  • Tantra massage for men
  • Tantra massage for women
  • Tantra massage for couples

  • Transformational Bodywork

  • Individual lesson

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