Luna introduced me to a type and level of physical sexual pleasure I did not know existed , it is the emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of tantra which she showed me that have captured my heart. So, while I am thankful for the two glorious hours spent in her beautiful company, I am even more thankful for what she so graciously and compassionately introduced me to. I can not recommend Luna highly enough. It is as simple as that. 

For me, Tantra is a true celebration of man in his entirety - as body, mind, soul and spirit. It helps us connect with the wisdom of our own body, which acts as an anchor and base for the immaterial components of our being. The perception of our bodies and their care is more important for a balanced, joyful and satisfied life than most of us can imagine.

I perceive that the masseur's role is primarily to hold space, to create an atmosphere of trust, openness and deep acceptance. However, it is not possible to accept others with a mind full of judgments, ideas and concepts.

Therefore, the great art is to empty the mind and maintain awareness of the present moment, in which everything that happens and comes is perfect. I have experience that present moment awareness is contagious and in it we become witnesses of miracles of life, which we might not even notice otherwise.

In the massage, I will invite you on a journey into your body and soul. I believe that the body carries incredible wisdom, self-healing powers and a huge capacity for experiencing joy and pleasure.


  • 2003 Prague, Czechia, Sports massage course Refit massage academy
  • 2008 Kerala, India, Yoga teacher training Sivananda yoga system
  • 2009 Kona, Hawaii, Vipassana meditation course
  • 2012 Bangkok, Thailand, Traditional Thai massage course
  • 2015 Prague, Czechia, Yoni and LIngam intimte massage, Denisa Palečková, Richard Vojík
  • 2020 Pelhřimov, Czechia, Core Touch – sexological bodywork,Denisa Palečková, Richard Vojík
  • 2021 Prague, Czechia, A. Barnes, Sexual De-armouring
  • 2023 Pelhřimov, Czechia, Core Touch II.– sexological bodywork advanced therapist training, Denisa Palečková, Richard Vojík

About me

I love travelling and learning about other cultures. In 8 years of life, when traveling was an integral part of my profession, I discovered that people of different cultures are actually very similar. They share similar joys and sorrows, which are often related to disconnection from the perception of one's own body and emotions.

From an early age, I have researched and been interested in living a harmonious and fulfilling life. I draw energy from both meeting people and being alone, especially in nature. I like art, sports, yoga, and dance, but I also like reading good books or watching movies.

I offer these services

  • Tantra massage for men 
  • Tantra massage for couples
  • Tantra massage experience for your partner

Avaliability: calendar


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