I have been to Moana for a massage several times, but I have never stepped into the same river. However, her massage has always been amazing. Every touch was electrifying, energizing, yet bringing relaxation and comfort. Tantra is a wonderful experience, uplifting to the body and mind, and performed by Moana, it is at the peak of magnificence—simply a divine massage from a Tantric goddess.
Moana, you have high capacity of empathy, you give the massage with all your heart. The time with you have been so healing and remarkable. Thank you so much.
Auf der Suche nach einer Tantra Massage habe ich Moana gefunden! Eine Massage die eine wundervolle Verbindung von Sexualität und Spiritualität ist. Ein anderer Weg Erleuchtung zu erfahren ( für mich der Zugang zur göttlichen Essenz) . Ich bin absolut begeistert von den Kenntnissen über Chakras, Nadis und den feinstofflichen Energien auch auf die Aufmerksamkeit und Bedeutung der Atmung. Die Massage ist intuitiv voller Hingabe zärtlich und kraftvoll zugleich. Moana, Ich schätze dich sehr du bist ein Geschenk und deine Gabe zu berühren ( Seele und Körper) DANKE

Tantra says that every human being is perfect, whole and free. Each of us already has everything we need within us. It sounds so simple, but...the Tantric path can help us become more alive, appreciate ourselves, free ourselves and connect with our sexual power as the source of our life force. Tantra can help us find new meaning in every area of our lives and greater fulfilment.

My passion is transformational tantric massage and energy work. Let me be your guide on this unique journey where you can experience the wild peaks of energy waves and peaceful inner stillness, non-thinking, love vibrations, and being here and now.

I have been giving massages since 2019.

About me

I like nature, animals, the full moon and water surface in any form.


  • Inner Wave – Training for professional massage therapists – Tantra Massage Prague

  • Tantra Massage Therapist Level 1 a 2 – Somananda Tantra School

  • Reiki 1. a 2.level

I offer these services

  • Tantra massage for men and women

  • Tantra massage for couples

  • Transformational bodywork for men and women

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