Tantra for me is transformational energy work and connecting with my body and soul. It is a way to learn to feel and perceive my own body and feelings better.

I give massages intuitively and also individually, where I feel the client and the massage takes place based on that. Sometimes it's more dynamic, sometimes it's gentle, but it's always a combination of the two. The purpose of my massage is to stir the energy throughout the body to relax it, connecting with the sensations. If you are interested in deeper healing, I focus on detraumatizing the body, especially the pelvic area in Holistic Intuitive Therapy.


  • Tantric massage lessons, 2023, Jan Janata

About me

I love spending time around people and learning new things. In my free time, I go dancing and rock climbing. I also like music and reading books.

I offer these services

  • Tantra massage for men and women
  • Tantra massage experience for your partner
  • Tantra massage for couples

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