For a full 120 minutes, I found myself in a state so pristine that words scarcely do justice to describe it. Throughout the process, my mind was in an unparalleled state of tranquility—virtually devoid of thoughts and emotions, solely focused on the rhythm of my breathing and the profound energy flow coursing through my body. Valerie and Pavitra’s work was the epitome of synchronicity. Their ability to navigate the energy waves with such impeccable harmony, coupled with their gentle touches, open communication, and the perfect ambiance, was nothing short of extraordinary. I wholeheartedly recommend the four-hand massage for those seeking a deeper experience, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin or those attuned to the active kundalini energy within their body.
I knew in my heart that I could trust Pavitra. I don't think I was prepared for it at all (I take unpreparedness as an advantage), and that's why the massage affected me so deeply. Unfinished chapters of my life were opening up that I had unknowingly not addressed or thought were finished. To sum it up, I love it when I meet a person in their rightful place in the universe, where they are fulfilling their full potential and thus helping the rest of us. Pavitra is in that place. Once again, thank you.
I felt that every movement and touch had its own meaning and contributed to the overall feeling of harmony. In the end, I was full of energy and happiness - absolutely relaxed. It is obvious that you are a true professional. Thank you for this unforgettable experience. Your work has a really positive impact, and I appreciate you very much.
I don't know how it is possible, but from the beginning, I felt different manifestations of energy going through my whole body, which created a completely unique experience.
I felt that the massage combined masculine and feminine energy, all in complete harmony. When the massage was over, I felt relaxed not only physically but also mentally. It was a surprisingly powerful experience for me and I would definitely like to experience it again.

Tantra for me is conscious being, life energy, and the art of loving. It is a path to self, to deep experience and acceptance. Tantra is life itself.

I am a guide in exploring your inner world and intimacy. Each of my massages is tailored to that particular client's needs, and I intuitively guide the process so that the client receives what he or she needs most. So it is entirely up to you whether you come for a nurturing relaxation ritual, energy work or the transformative potential that Tantra undoubtedly has. I create the safe space for you that you have come to me for.


  • Introduction to energy work and tantra - Matěj Richter (2023)
  • Individual tantric massage course - Kateřina Švanderlíková (2024)
  • Academy Touch him - Pavline Kan (in progress)

About me

I'm a witch, a dancer and a wild elemental. I love to express myself in all forms of femininity that are authentic to me at the moment. I love animals, especially cats, and see them as my guides in life. In my spare time, I devote myself to yoga, ceremony, meditation and all the beauty of this earthly life.

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  • Tantric massage for men
  • Tantric massage for women
  • Tantric massage for couple
  • Experiential massage for a partner

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