Just spent an amazing time with Radush. My first time trying this type of experience. I am so glad I did. She took me on a journey. Once you submit to being present in the moment and surrendering to her touch it is truly a wonderful experience. I feel so energised and refreshed. I was made feel welcome immediately. She is a lovely person with a great sense of being and we connected very quickly. I would highly recommend !! Thank you Radush. I will see you again for a longer session next time.
I really want to thank you Radush for unforgetable experience.
If you can strip yourself of your preconceptions and trust in the depth and breadth of her exquisite expertise, a tantra session with Radush will unlock for you a world of pleasure typically out of the reach of most mere mortals. But remember, a musical maestro can play the sweetest melody only when she is one with her instrument, and so, you too must play your part. Surrender your body to her touch and your soul to those most fundamental of natural rhythms; two hearts beating as one, breath for breath, pulse for pulse.

Our body is the place where we live, it is the temple of our soul, therefore we all need gentle, sensitive and loving care, which I will provide you through tantric massage. Through massage you can open yourself to joy, love, passion and pleasure and connection with your body, it also helps you see who you are and experience a deep connection with yourself in the present moment. Touching, embracing and working with sexual energy is very important for each of us to live a full, joyful and fulfilling life.

During the initial conversation, I focus on you and listen to what you are coming up with, that's why every massage is unique. I will guide you through a process of deep breath and relaxation, during which I change different types of touch and intensity so that you can better connect with your body and perceive every part of it. I rely on you to feel natural with me, so that you can experience your emotions in safety and feel all the maximum connections to your body and mind.


  • European Academy of Somatic Education - professional training in holistic sensual massage, Denisa Říha Palečková, Richard Vojík 2017

  • Somatic sexology training, De-armoring, conscious BDSM, wheel of consent, Kahuna massage (Lomi lomi Nui), Vojtěch Chládek 2018

  • Zázraky duše (Miracles of the Soul)  - Sports massage, Ing. David Rozbroj 2018

  • Zázraky duše (Miracles of the Soul)   - Aromatherapy relaxation massage, Bc. David Rozbroj 2018

  • Zázraky duše (Miracles of the Soul)   - Indian head massage, Dušan Jirásek 2022

  • Shiatsu center Ostrava - Breast massage - Mgr. Grigor Levi Minasyan 2023

About me

I like life and I like people. I am joyful, energetic, open and communicative, but also gentle, listening and caring. I have been dedicated to personal development, work on myself and education for years. My passion is dancing, music, singing.

I offer these services

  • Tantric massage for men and for women
  • Tantric massage for couple
  • Transformational bodywork
  • Experiential massage for a partner

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