Solara is a great masseuse. Her approach is kind, open and unique. Her touch is exactly what is needed at the moment, sometimes gentle and soft, sometimes harder. A person already feels divine during a massage, and what about afterwards? Beautiful touches and words will settle in you forever.
The tantra with elements of de-armouring by Solara was a seriously enriching experience. Her pleasant aura and guidance led me to trust and I was able to fully relax, which in retrospect I saw as crucial. I tried external and internal de-armouring with Solara. I was still able to stay in my body and not fly away, but at the same time it triggered a huge influx of emotions and experiences in me and in my body. Mainly from childhood and the past. I had the opportunity to see myself completely differently, not so good and innocent. This brought tears and sadness, but at the same time an important self-awareness. Everything was set in motion. I definitely recommend everyone to try this technique with Solara, as if she knows where to go - gently, sensitively and at the same time firmly and hard.
With Solara, I completed de-armoring therapy combined with tantra. It was a very interesting and healing connection. It has a gentle, feminine touch that can be energetic and playful at the same time, and when combined with the right places and points, it really resonated with me. At the beginning, she relaxed me with pleasant techniques, then continued with gradual pressure on individual points on the body. After the therapy I felt very relaxed with energy flowing throughout my body. With Solara, you feel that she really listens to you and hears you out, so you have no problem opening up and sharing. In conclusion, I would like to recommend Solara to anyone who is thinking about visiting it and wants to experience a conscious and healing touch.

Working with the body helps us to gradually get to know ourselves, accept ourselves and open up to living in greater authenticity, fulfillment, self-love and joy. In my BDSM lessons,
I playfully work with our shadows, which we let manifest and at the same time accept as part of our inner family.

Surrendering to the other in true submission and experiencing a range of touches from gentle and pleasant to more intense ones allows us to deeply relax, to step out of our own importance and need to be in control. I guide my clients into a deeper acceptance of themselves including their shadows, fears or unspoken desires which we release and accept rather than rejecting them (ourselves). Exposure to discomfort has its place and great power when we accept it into our lives with playfulness, and the subsequent aftercare caresses our souls.

I believe that every person has the potential within to live with greater ease, freedom, joy, and self-acceptance, and my goal is to support clients in this process with respect and sensitivity.

About me

I love the sun, the sea, my two daughters, music, dancing, learning and enjoying the joys of this reality of ours...the variety of life, from experiencing states of unconditional love to reaching into the depths of ourselves. For this reason, I enjoy combining tantra with elements of de-armouring (dissolving the emotional shell), shadow work (ritual play) and BDSM.


  • Mahalo method I. The power of healing touch - external de-armouring (Vojtěch Chládek) 2022

  • Mahalo method II. Internal de-armouring (Vojtěch Chládek) 2022

  • Mahalo method III. Acceptance of the shadow, BDSM (Vojtěch Chládek) 2022

  • Mahalo method IV. The Art of Manifestation (Vojtěch Chládek) 2022

  • Tantra course (Kateřina Švanderlíková) 2023

  • Mahalo method V. Dearmouring through pleasure (Vojtěch Chládek) 2023

  • Course of depth psychology and experiential self-knowledge "You won´t run away from
    yourself" (Lukáš Karas) 2024

  • Sports massage requalification course (Massage courses Prague) 2024

I offer these services

  • BDSM tantra for men and women

  • Experiential BDSM session for a partner

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