For a full 120 minutes, I found myself in a state so pristine that words scarcely do justice to describe it. Throughout the process, my mind was in an unparalleled state of tranquility—virtually devoid of thoughts and emotions, solely focused on the rhythm of my breathing and the profound energy flow coursing through my body. Valerie and Pavitra’s work was the epitome of synchronicity. Their ability to navigate the energy waves with such impeccable harmony, coupled with their gentle touches, open communication, and the perfect ambiance, was nothing short of extraordinary. I wholeheartedly recommend the four-hand massage for those seeking a deeper experience, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin or those attuned to the active kundalini energy within their body.
This is my first time visiting Hamony spa in Prague… but not my last. I am not a beginner in tantra, and were pretty sure about what was about to happen…. but this time, my body and mind got an unexpected present. In my opinion a good tantra session rely on three ingredients: The clients expectations and tantra-level. An experience and professional masseuse. But the most important: The chemistry and energy between two people. With another masseuse or client things would maybe be different, but the match of Valerie and I was perfect. Valerie make me feel very safe, and had a very respectful and professional approach. At this visit everything was absolutely fantastic, and especially the conversation before, and after the massage was the foundation for this 5 star review. The room and facility is very higher standard and everything makes you feel safe and welcome. I will highly recommend Hamony spa for everyone who wants a professional tantra experience.
Valerie is the best! She combined all possible touches with strength and care, making my muscles to relax and therefore my whole body and mind!
When I booked my first session of transformational bodywork with Valerie I was nervous about beginning this healing journey. As a man it is not easy to admit that you have trauma from your past relationships. It is also not easy to admit that this trauma has caused "blocks" which affect your ability to feel intimacy. I was worried that Valerie would judge me for my past. But I didn't need to worry. From the moment I met Valerie I knew that I was in the presence of a special soul who would accept me for who I am and guide me through my healing journey with care and love. The first thing Valerie did was sit down with me and give me some herbal tea. Then we talked. She let me tell my story, without judging me at all. Then she asked me questions to make sure she understood my needs. Then, it was time for the therapy. Valerie made me feel safe by telling me that we could take a break from the treatment if I needed it. And during the massage she checked with me that I was feeling okay. I was. She made me feel very safe and cared for. At the end of the session she sat with me and gave me time to talk about what I felt. Then when we met for the second session we carried on the healing together. Transformational bodywork is not a "miracle cure", but it is powerful. With Valerie's skill and compassion as a therapist, I am on the right path to feeling like myself again. So if you are reading this, don't be afraid to start your own healing journey with her.

Tantra means to me place for slow down, return back to ourselves, to our inner space, because there are peace and love, there the answers are hidden, which are truly important.

Through touch and feeling we are able to come back to ourselves into present time – here and now. Tantra deepens our conscious sexuality and work with it brings us many significant moments and discoveries and leads us to our source of energy, awakens vitality, cures diseases and improve our health and contentment.

Tantra leads to our nature and teach us to love ourselves as we are.

During the massage I am led by intuition, I like through loving touch experience the emerging energy which is created. I also use healing touch Reiki by my massage. My tantric massage is very gentle, full of different kind of touches. I also have possibilities to looking for myself what I am very greatful for. 

About me 

I am interested in personal development, dance and yoga as I find balance important in life as well. 

Personal development brought peace, understanding and love towards myself into my life. 


  • Course of Tantra massage - Katerina Svanderlikova
  • Reiki course II.level - Akvamarin Ladislava Sofie Kovarikova 2022 
  • Constellation by Akvamarin Ladislava Sofie Kovarikova 2022-2023
  • Mahalo method II. Inner de-armouring training (Vojta Chládek) 2022
  • Mahalo method III. Acceptance of shadows, BDSM techniques (Vojta Chládek) 2022
  • Course of Tantra Massage for Women - Katerina Svanderlikova
  • Kineziologie - ongoing training
  • Mahalo method IV. The Art of Manifestation (Vojtěch Chládek) 2022
  • Sports and relaxation massage retraining course - Refit 2023
  • Aromatherapy course for physiotherapists and masseurs - Nobilis Tilia 2023
  • Foot Pressure Massage (Reflex Therapy) - Refit 2023

I offer these services

  • Tantric massage for men and for women
  • Tantric massage for couples
  • Experiential massage for a partner
  • Transformational bodywork
  •  Individual lessons

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