Harmony Spa Prague

Sensual Tantra massage – delight and relaxation in the Prague center. Partnership and intimacy coaching and mentoring. Private sessions Sexological Bodywork. Lessons of tantric massage and erotic massage. Spa packages and treatments for couples.

tantra masáže pro ženy

Tantra massages for women

Tantra massage for women is a perl among massages. It will guide you to a deep relaxation and self acceptance. Be free, enjoy and feel!

tantra masáže pro muže

Tantra massages for men

Tantra massage for men will awaken male energy and will evoke a deep relaxation. Prostate massage will improve erection and will enhance the sexual endurance.

speciální tantra masáže

Special tantra massages

Allow deeply relax the body and harmonize the human energy. The massages open the way to the joy of life, self-acceptance and love for oneself.

Client references

  • Hi, Just a little message of gratitude towards Hanka with whom I've had a taoist massage just before. It was truly amazing. Best wishes, Simon
    Tao Erotic Massage with Hanka
  • Hi, I just wanted to say that I had a great time with Eva and that I'm really happy and greatful for the experience and for all things we shared. Please tell Eva that I send my regards and a big hug. Hopefully we'll be scheduling another great experience for the future. Thank you very much. Luis.
    Great time with Eva
  • Hi, I had a Tantric massage with Eva this morning and it was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. I still feel like I am floating on air! Thank you, Chris xx
    Flying high with Eva
  • Five stars, great ambience. Masseuse was really nice, and took great care of me. I didn't think Prague had this to offer. Berge, Dennmark
    Tantra dream with Sabina
  • My experience with Harmony Spa was great and rewarding. The place is very beautiful and the professionals who work there are very serious about their job and very warm and patience with the clients. I couldn't have chosen better! Priscila, Brazil
    Tantra trip with Martin
  • Great experience! Chillout atmosphere, great massage from Martin, loving and gentle! First time in Tantra and I would definitely come again. Evgeniia
    Great Tantra massage with Martin
  • Thank you for an amazing massage, amazing hands and for pumping my heart open. Was an incredible experience done by an incredible woman. Yoav
    Tantra massage with Hanka
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have a beautiful day! You have helped me a lot today! In every aspect. You are great!
    BDSM Session with Martin
  • Sabina is an extremely nice girl. She is always smiling and polite and open for communication. This is a very good starting point for a good session. Her positive attitude compensate that she is not perfect in speaking English. She is also positive to adjust the massage during the session. Thank you for a very good massage.
    Sabina is a great masseuse
  • Thanks for the clear and timely communication via mail and phone. I had a great massage with Barca. As said on your website, she is an angel with a very deep soul! As someone who has been meditating since I was a child, it was easy to see the golden soul of hers through her smile, when she opened the door for me. What I experienced in the sessions with her is difficult to put in words. The connection between the body and the soul with the mind dropping out of the picture leading to timelessness and bliss - that is what I felt. I must say that the effect has not worn off even after 2 weeks! I still smile when I think about her. I will come back...do not know how or when! Love Ravi
    Great massage with Barca

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