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Relax in our beautiful wellness space or let yourself be introduced
to the deepness of tantric wisdom.

Individual lessons

Rent our space


Come and relax in warm fragrant whirlpool. Come and enjoy your personal spa!

For wellness lovers we offer to spend time in your own very
private spa.

Whether alone or with your partner or group of friends, you can enjoy a deeply
relaxing time in our beautiful premises.

You can enjoy the healing rays of our warm bath in our large whirlpool. We will add substances like quality mineral salt, fragrant essences or rose petals to your bath, according to your wishes.

You can also use our deck chairs and high-quality bio coconut oil for mutual massage, all in tones of beautiful music in a room scented according to your choice.

We will serve delicious snacks and drinks of your choice, finger food or antipasti, cheese, fruit, dessert or whole lunch or dinner.

You can also add any part of this offer to your chosen massage.



After massage 30 min.

600 Kč

30 Eur

Without massage 1 h

980 Kč

50 Eur

The jacuzzi is only available in the Výtoň studio.


Main course and other - fruits, chees, vegetables, sweet etc ... /  1 person

250 Kč / 13 Eur

Wine / sparkling wine / champagne

400 Kč / 20Eur

Give a tantric massage

Spread joy by unforgettable experience of deep relaxation and meeting oneself.

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Individual lesson

Come and learn the skills of tantric touch and become a unique lover! We will personally introduce you to the knowledge and skills of tantric massage.

One-to-one instruction includes both the theory of tantric principles and techniques as well as practical massage instruction.

You can bring your partner or a friend and try out everything you learn with each other.  Or you come alone and practice by massaging a model we provide.

Tantra massage can be studied for years, comprising a wealth of techniques and grounding in a special attitude towards bodywork. The good message is that with dedication everybody can learn the basic concepts rather quickly. We recommend a three-hour session as a minimalist course and four sessions of 3 hours each as a basic comprehensive course. As this training is individual we can also arrange individual settings regarding duration, numbers of sessions, special topics etc.


For one person or couple:

Mini course of Tantra massage:

Includes basic intimate massage

Price of the course: 5 100 Kč / 210 Eur

Length of the course: 3hr

Complete course of Tantra massage:

Includes whole body massage + intimate massage for men and women

Price of the course: 65 Euro / hr  (780 Euro)

Length of the course: usually 12 h in 4 blocks with flexibility to extend upon the needs of the trainee. 

Reducing the length of course is not possible due to depth of content.

A model is required for the course. 

If you do not have a partner or another person, we are happy to provide you with one 2 days prior training for 300 Czk/hr or 15 Eur/hr.

Masseuses and masseurs providing this service

Rent our space

Our place breathes beauty, a warm atmosphere and safety. We are situated near the center of Prague with excellent accessibility and parking. 

You can rent our whole Spa for your personal use as facility for exclusive parties or group events. And also if you give massages yourself and look where to do it, feel free to approach us!  

We have three studios equipped for (tantric) massage: In every room is a heater for hot towels, gloves, towels, candles, feathers, music player or BDSM tools are provided. The rental also includes the use of massage oil, sheetings, towels and washing.  Additionally you can order our big Whirlpool in Výtoň.

A spacious shower, an entrance hall with garderobe, a room for the staff and a toilet complement our Harmony Spa. 

We wish you a wonderful experience!

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Price for massage room


1 hr

580 Kč

30 Eur


1 hr

680 Kč

35 Eur

Whole studio

(Výtoň: three massage rooms, Muzeum: two massage rooms, + bathroom and facilities in all studios)

1 hr

1 100 Kč

50 Eur

The rental price of jacuzzi is a one-time fee +600 Czk (30 Eur) to the rental price of the room.
The jacuzzi is only available in the Výtoň studio.

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ATTENTION: Online bookings are possible at least 12h before the appointment. Bookings with less time in advance and bookings for masseurs (men), please book directly by phone or email.