Tantra massage for men

Relax into pleasure never known before. Through Tantra massage you connect with your vital energy and source of power. You learn to use it in a conscious way to achieve your goals in life, in work, in love.

Tantra massage

BDSM tantra

Transformational bodywork

What awaits you?

In the opening talk you share your needs, your wishes or your intention for the massage. You agree on boundaries and on what the massage will contain. 

The Tantra journey is a very rich and varied concept that can be adapted to your individual needs. Whether your goal is to experience deep relaxation, new ways of arousal, the development of your sexuality, or a journey of personal transformation.

The session always begins with an introductory ritual in which you consciously enter into the mysteries of Tantra and humbly allow yourself to know your body. Depending on the type of session, the massage is more or less guided so you can explore new areas of arousal and pleasure.

The aim of a tantric encounter is to revive the body and awaken sexual energy, which is often taboo or associated only with the intimate area. By spreading the excitement throughout your entire being, you allow yourself to experience an inflow of energy that can be used in any area of your life.

Tantric massage is not an erotic service. You remain fully in the role of the receiver at all times and any erotic interaction with the masseuse is excluded.

What Tantra massage brings to your life?

On the psychological level, the massage brings you deep relaxation, fulfillment and satisfaction. You will feel honoured in your power, strength and very personal beauty, accepted as you are. You may call this experience „love“. You will feel stronger to deal with obstacles in life such as stress, work tasks, or relationship topics. Through bringing you to altered states of consciousness, Tantra can also open you to new visions, ideas and answers, supporting your way towards a fulfilling life.

On the physical level the massage increases bloodflow, relaxes the muscles, softens painful parts and detoxifies the organism. We focus on harmonizing the body, opening energy channels (meridians) and balancing Yin and Yang. The massage of the deep muscels of the pelvic area supports the funtcional interaction of the whole intimate area and corrects problems with erection and premature ejaculation. Through that your physical sexual abilities enhance, bringing more and deeper pleasure to yourself and your partner. 

Give a tantric massage

Spread joy by unforgettable experience of deep relaxation and meeting oneself.

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Tantra massage

Experience previously unknown dimensions of yourself! Tantra massage is a holistic sensual massage involving the whole body including the intimate parts. It will bring you pleasure, deep relaxation and fulfil you with life energy.

The massage begins with a ritual to open the special tantric space and create resonance between you both (and with spirit). Then it is time to connect with your body, turn off the mind and let go of everything what you don’t need right now. Every part of your body will be touched soft and sensual, firmly and dynamic, with hot towels, deep muscle massage etc. 

You are now prepared for the main part of the massage: a full-body warm oil massage with dynamic, sensual and erotic elements, according to what your masseuse feels is best serving your wishes and intention.

Finally you will be wonderfully touched and juicy massaged on your whole intimate area including lingam (penis). You feel how your excitement and pleasure rises and spreads to your whole body. Sexual energy is flooding each cell of your body, you feel expanded beyond your physical body. Orgasm may come (or not), but with totally different quality. There is no goal to reach …

The massage ends with a deep relaxation and closing ritual.

What can the massage contains

  • Introductory ritual

  • Relaxing hot towels massage

  • Sensual touching with furs, feathers and other sensory tools

  • Massage of main muscles of neck, back, buttocks, limbs

  • Deep tissue massage of pelvis, groin, perineum

  • Relaxing head and face massage

  • Massage of intimate parts of lingam and scrotum

More options

  • Your massage may also include BDSM tantra elements, more here.
  • If you want to experience exceptional deep surrendering a wonderful way is to enjoy a „more than two hands“ massage with two or more masseuses.

  • If you want to stay longer in the wonderful athmosphere of our tantric space, add a relaxing whirlpool - more here.

  • We are open to your special wishes ...

Masseuses and masseurs providing this service

BDSM tantra

There exists a big variety of BDSM approaches and methods. Most of them focus on breaking through the bodily or emotional barriers by using different forms of sensorial or psychological impacts. The client reaches his delight or goal thanks to somebody outside, going into dependency. 

Conscious or Tantric BDSM uses a different approach: instead of producing (physical and emotional) tensions we play with them in a more subtle way. The ultimate goal is to release them through awakening and distributing energy and pleasure in the body. In every moment you stay responsible even when surrendering deeply, enjoying the absolute care and professional leadership of your masseur.

For beginners it is a good option to integrate certain BDSM elements within a normal tantric massage. For example you can be tied up during the opening ritual or experience a touch of a whip on your skin.

In the opening talk you will agree on the intention, the elements and the rules of the session, and also on your boundaries. And then you will be surprised ;-).

Elements of tantra BDSM sessions

  • Working with tools like whips, sticks, spankings, floggers etc.

  • Restraining senses through blindfolding etc.

  • Bondage and special shibari techniques

  • Dominance and submission

  • Explore pain

  • Verbal domination

  • Therapeutic work

More options

  • Teaching of BDSM tantric techniques - more here
  • BDSM Tantra massage experience for your partner with you

Masseuses and masseurs providing this service

BDSM tantra

Transformational bodywork

Come to grow into your best version as a man, as a lover, as a human being. Learn how to create pieces of art of love and sex.

Transformational bodywork is all about consciously working on yourself, where the masseuse is only a facilitator and guides you to yourself using various techniques. Compared to a normal tantric massage, the progression can be very varied and will depend on the chosen method of work. It can be more like a massage, or more like energy work, or take the form of various joint exercises,breath work, etc. It can also involve working with blocks and issues around sexuality, so it is important to talk openly with the masseuse from the start.

After the session you and your massage therapist share your experiences, reflect on what happened and talk about good next steps. For as it is transformational work, one session alone will bring you just a single step further ... 

Elements of transformational bodywork

  • Sexological Bodywork - special tantric work with the body

  • Breathing techniques like complete breath, straw breath, bottom breath etc.

  • Energy & chakra work to awake kundalini

  • Therapeutic massage of lingam (penis), lingam healing through mapping

  • Rosetta healing and anal healing through mapping

  • Big Draw - experience of widespread orgasm

  • Personal coaching using sexual energy work

  • ...and many other techniques

Masseuses and masseurs providing this service

Transformational bodywork

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