3+2 tips for pleasing a woman

Are you wondering how to please your partner or how to increase her arousal?
Do you want to better understand how women's perception of pleasure works?
Do you long for intimate fusion and ecstatic harmony?

Then read carefully our 3+2 tips on how Tantra can help you do just that.

At the outset, it should be mentioned that in Tantra we work with the so-called feminine and masculine principles, and we all have both of these principles encoded within us - regardless of gender.
So our tips may not apply only to women, and on the contrary, they may not fit all women 100% either. We are all unique, but I guess that's obvious nowadays.
So we recommend approaching everything with an open mind, especially if you're trying something new. Your nervous system may react negatively at first. So always give yourself enough time and space and see what it triggers in you.

And now let's move on to the promised Tantric Tips!

Work with the touch dynamics

You don't have to be a massage therapist to give your partner a beautiful release. What is important is your 100% attention. You may have asked your wife what kind of touch she likes, but you may have also experienced that after a few weeks, she seems to completely change her mind.

Women are cyclical and their perceptions are therefore very fluid. There is no need to get frustrated that you will never understand them, they just come back to your attention again. Because even the most experienced masseur doesn't know in advance what kind of touch someone will like. And the biggest disaster is when we go on autopilot and massage in the "she likes this" style.

Change the intensity of the touch. Play with the dynamics. Let go of all expectations and explore with your partner her range of experiences.

Pamper her from head to toe (or the other way round 🙂)

In the last article, we wrote about the so-called plus and minus points. Today we'll expand on that a bit. Women in general love holistic care, so it's appropriate to spend time on the seemingly non-erogenous zones as part of love foreplay.

A caress in the hair, a gentle stroking of the face or a massage of the hands and feet... all of these can be gateways to the path of ecstatic pleasure. Women need to feel a very strong sense of security.

Blood circulation throughout the body both sensitizes little-used nerve endings and opens the way to experiencing arousal in every cell. A full-body orgasm doesn't take long to reach.

Help her to know that she has nothing to worry about now

One of the main reasons women don't enjoy body massages is because they think too much. Here again, we come to the differences between men and women. When men have something on their minds, they welcome the physical stimulus and then they feel good. Women do exactly the opposite. First, they need to have peace of mind and then they are ready to experience the body.

Clearly communicate to her that you are there for her now and you don't expect anything from her. If you know she has a lot on her plate, arrange a specific time with her that you dedicate solely to exploring her intimacy.

Separation of "head" from experience is described by most women as the main reason they are unable to achieve release and orgasm. Prepare an environment for her where she can take a break and focus on pleasure despite her daily worries.

And now 2 more bonus tips:

Have you already tried the previous points but feel that you didn't get the desired result?
Would you like to experience moments of pleasure and passion together with your partner, but you're each getting lost in your own experience?

 ⚜️ Treat yourself to the support of professionals.

In our Tantric studios, we offer both couples massages and lessons. You can also choose the Partner Experience Massage, in which you let the masseur or masseuse guide you and together give a multi-sensory massage to your precious other half.

Do you want to bring variety and playfulness into your intimate life?

⚜️ Discover the magic of conscious BDSM with us.

BDSM techniques are still taboo in mainstream society. At Harmony Spa, we love to work with them and combine them with elements of Tantra.

It takes courage to bring such a topic into a relationship, but we are happy to support you in doing so.