These were two unforgettable experiences that I would gladly fly thousands of miles to repeat, and have! Your softness, warmth and the generous sharing of your inner beauty can never be equaled!
“I ended it up by Charlotte by “coincidence” as therapist wanted was not available. I would say that force of higher consciousness got in the way as I become regular client of hers. Charlotte´s approach is conscientious, communicative and caring before and after treatment including feedback which helps to realize ones felling and builds mutual trust. Massage itself is like entering to different world, always. The world of energies my own body and transcendent realms. Charlotte is caring guide with deep touch that brings you into inner essence of being. I can recommend Charlotte to everyone who expects the massage to exceed to places where the words are not enough.”

The most important thing for me In tantra and in life, is the mutual trust on which I build. This is the secret of the deep emotional and physical experience in my massages.

I am an empatic person and that is why during my stay abroad I gained a circle of clients who regularly sought me out. This profession has taught me to listen to my clients and together look for balance and a sense of peace in their experiences. After more than five years, I want to transfer my experience back to Prague and pass it on to you.


I have been engaged in tantric massages for 10 years, of which I worked as a tantra masseuse in Spain for 5 years.                                              

  • 2008 Sports reconditioning massage course accredited by the Ministry of Education

  • 2010 Basic course of tantric massages: Kingdom of Tantra, Czech Republic

  • 2015 The art of touch, practice in Tantra Temple Sitges, Spain

Offered services

  • Tantra massage for men

  • Tantra massage for women

  • Tantra massage for couples

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ATTENTION: Online bookings are possible at least 12h before the appointment. Bookings with less time in advance, please book directly by phone or email.

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